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struggling with your new blog or website? then my PERSONALIZED CUSTOM PACKAGE SERVICE is for you! I have over ten years of blogging experience. Let’s CREATE A CUSTOM PACKAGE THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

“Christina was very knowledgeable about blogging. She helped me with SEO and other blogging tasks. I highly recommend Christina and her expertise!” Tess-Nurturing Roots Healing

Not only do I help with WordPress Installment, but I am now offering individual custom package services based on the help you need!

Whether you’re just starting a blog or website, or looking to refine your skills, I can provide personalized services to teach you valuable SEO techniques, learn all of the ins and outs of WordPress, how to use Pinterest to market your new blog or website, and so much more!

I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and become a successful small business owner.

Below are just a few things I can help with. There is so much more, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you do not see what you are struggling with! And, see what my clients say about my services below!


Videos and checklists specifically designed for you and what you need help with! Get help with what you need and what you do not! Whether you are a visual learner or prefer checklists or printable materials.

Pinterest Service

Pinterest setup and strategy for your blog or business. I will show you the proper way to pin, how to create eye-catching pins, and how to create a strategy that drives traffic to your blog or website.

Other Services

These services can be anything from the correct way to write blog posts, learning SEO, what is hosting, what is a domain name and so much more! I will create the perfect package based on your needs!

before you go…

reach out to me and tell me what you are struggling with!

Even if you did not see your pain point above, please reach out! I will be glad to put together a package or speak with you about any questions you have.